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Where Can You Get Cheap but Genuine and Quality Auto Spare Parts?

by Bryan Collins

If your car breaks down or malfunctions because a particular component or part has become damaged, it might mean that you need a replacement part. This indicates that you need to spend some money buying a genuine and quality auto spare part. Where can you get the spare part at the most competitive price?

Do You Want a New Part or a Second-Hand Spare Part?

New auto spare parts are, of course, more expensive than second-hand auto parts. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether you feel more comfortable with an affordable genuine and quality second-hand spare part that works or a new genuine and quality spare part that might be expensive. This choice also depends on whether you have enough money to buy the new and expensive spare part or whether you can patiently wait and save up for it.

New Auto Parts

You can source new affordable, genuine and high-quality auto spare parts from:

  • Your auto manufacturer — you should note that if your auto manufacturer is located in another country, importing the auto part you need can be quite expensive because of importation fees. It is recommended to liaise with either a reputable mechanic or reputable auto store that orders parts in bulk; they can include your part in their next order. This way, you get to enjoy the benefit of acquiring the part you need cheaply.
  • A reputable mechanics workshop — most reputable mechanic workshops usually have in stock the parts that are frequently damaged. However, you need to look for an auto mechanic workshop that specialises in your vehicle make and model.
  • A new auto part store recommended by a reputable auto mechanic — it is usually difficult to tell whether a particular auto spare part store in your locality is selling genuine spare parts without seeing or hearing other people's experiences. The first thing you might want to find out is whether the store gets its parts from auto manufacturers. Secondly, visit social media, review sites and forums to check whether there are any complaints about the auto part store. Thirdly, you can consult with your local mechanic, who might know whether the parts are genuine.

Second-Hand Auto Part

There are three places you can purchase affordable, genuine and high-quality second-hand auto spare parts:

  • A reputable mechanics workshop
  • Second-hand auto spare parts store recommended by a reputable auto mechanic
  • Auto wreckers workshop — auto wreckers usually get their auto parts from broken down vehicles. They test them to find out whether they are genuine and in good shape before selling. If you fail to get a second-hand part from your mechanic or a store, maybe because it is rare, an auto wrecker workshop might have it in stock.

To learn more about spare auto parts, such as Toyota spare parts, contact a local auto parts supplier.


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