Tony's Truck and Car Part Blog

Tony's Truck and Car Part Blog

  • Tips to Salvaging Truck Parts at Junkyards

    If you own a truck and want to replace its aging parts with new components, then you might feel hard done by the current cost of living in Australia. Considered the country with the 12th highest cost of living globally, Australia has become an expensive country to live in. Therefore, most Australians are looking for practical ways of cutting spending, and as a truck owner, the junkyard might be worth exploring.

  • What Type of Battery Do You Need for Your New Marine Hobby?

    If you've decided to take up a new hobby and will be spending many happy hours in the season ahead trying to hook a fish for supper, you may be learning about all matters marine. You may have your eye on a second-hand boat, but need to equip it properly if you're going to have a reliable and consistent experience. In particular, you will need to power it and its ancillaries and must be looking for an ideal battery.

  • What to Do If Your Car Battery Lets You Down Late at Night

    In the modern era, automobiles are very reliable and they simply don't break down as often as they used to "back in the day." So, when they do refuse to start for some reason, this can leave you scratching your head as it may never have happened to you before. In these situations, the problem can often be traced to the electrical system and to the failure of the battery. If you're stranded in a car park late at night after a dinner party and find that you cannot turn your vehicle on, what should you do?

  • Vehicle Brake Repair FAQ

    Never put off having the brakes of your car repaired when needed, as even minor damage to any of the brake components can mean failure to stop when on the road, or the risk of skidding and sliding when you hit the brakes. Obviously this is very dangerous for you and for other drivers, and it can also mean putting more stress on the braking system, so that small repairs eventually turn into major fixes.

  • Is a Turbocharger the Right Choice for Your Vehicle's Engine?

    If you want more speed from your car or truck, you can upgrade to a larger engine that is more powerful and will provide a better response, or you might consider adding a turbocharger to that engine instead. A turbocharger can be retrofitted into an engine and can boost its overall speed and performance. It's a favourite choice for diesel engines especially, as diesels are often chosen for their towing capacity and not their speed.

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    I'm Tony and I live alone in Brisbane, Australia. I say I live alone, but I don't really. I live with my collection of classic cars and trucks. Since I was a boy, I used to play with my toy trucks and cars all day long. When I turned 18, I bought my first car and I decided to do it up. But I didn't know what I was doing. Thankfully, my uncle was on hand to help me. He taught me how to source the right parts I needed to repair and restore the vehicles. I would now like to help others. Enjoy my blog.