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Tony's Truck and Car Part Blog

Tips to Salvaging Truck Parts at Junkyards

by Bryan Collins

If you own a truck and want to replace its aging parts with new components, then you might feel hard done by the current cost of living in Australia. Considered the country with the 12th highest cost of living globally, Australia has become an expensive country to live in. Therefore, most Australians are looking for practical ways of cutting spending, and as a truck owner, the junkyard might be worth exploring. Rather than buy new truck parts, you can reduce your spending and still get truck components that are still in usable condition in junkyards. If it is your first time salvaging Hino truck parts from a junkyard, then this article offers expert opinion in this regard. Read on for tips to a successful junkyard truck parts salvaging.

Don't Ignore the Small Parts 

When most people think about a truck junkyard, it is the significant parts — cylinders, brake drums, transmission and differentials among others — that come to mind. While these are the most commonly salvaged parts in junkyards, you will be surprised at the number of small but essential pieces that people leave behind. Bolts, light bulbs, lug nuts, clips and fuse relays are just some of the small truck parts that people take for granted when visiting a junkyard. The small pieces can save you money and time because you never know when the components will fail. Therefore, even if you are going to get a transmission gear, don't pass on the bolts and nuts or any other small parts. The small components are inexpensive and won't take up any space on your trunk. The rule of thumb is 'take more than you need.'

Inspect the Interior of Surrounding Trucks

Junkyard enthusiasts have a common habit of throwing parts they don't need into surrounding vehicles. Although this is done unconsciously, it inconveniences other salvagers looking for hard-to-find truck parts. Therefore, as you look for a particular spare part, don't concentrate under the hood or below the vehicle. Ensure that you check the interior of other surrounding cars. You will save yourself time running around a junkyard looking for a part that is lying unnoticed inside the vehicle next to you.

Study Compatible Options

Some people go to junkyards and think that they will find the exact part for their truck model. It is a common mistake with junkyard novices, and it often leads to frustrations and eventual giving up. Before you embark on your salvaging adventure, ensure that you study other truck models whose parts are compatible with yours. You might be lucky and find a compatible part that is fancier than your original piece.


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